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College Scholarships Tips

Here is one method or process which is suggested in order to ensure yourself success in applying and securing college scholarships:

1. TIMELINESS and IMMEDIACY: Start looking for scholarships and try to apply early. Do so at least one year before your planned college entrance.
2. CONSIDER AND EXPLORE ALL YOUR OPTIONS: Try to ask yourself a few tough questions about your situation, condition and means. Are you part of a visible or underrepresented minority of students, are you in any kind of financial need, or specifically interested in certain fields of study or have any special talents to offer? There are many different shapes and sizes of awards which are available to you in all of the abovementioned ‘specialist or niche categories’ that you can make use of, in order to capitalize on the funds which are available to you out there.

3. LOOKING BEYOND THE PRESENT. If you go beyond the financial aspect, you should also try to consider applying for a fellowship if you are seeing graduate school in your future. It is very much like free money for college but for graduate students. Criteria for merit and eligibility and sometimes somewhat complex application protocols will be spelled out in published guides from the schools of institutions that you choose from. Make sure you ask about such programs. It will also show a pro-active interest and serious commitment to your studies and potential career, a vested hands-on involvement in your own future and success, which will leave an impression on and inspire, win some hands, hearts and pockets over on your side as well!

4. TRY TO CONFIRM ALL THE DETAILS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF ALL PARTIES. Paying some close attention to detail never hurt anyone. So make sure you pay close attention to the fine print and stipulations of the scholarship. In order to protect your own best interest, try to be informed and empowered in this whole process and don’t just abdicate and leave it up to the more powerful people. Try to take a personal interest in your scholarship, tuition, studies and the whole process.

5. TRY TO BE CAREFUL OF THE ADMINISTRATIVE PARTS AND DOCUMENTATION PRESENT IN THE SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION AND AWARD PROCEDURE. Try to fill out the form to the best of your ability, be accurate and do not leave any blanks. Try to verify that all the correct entries are made. If you are not sure, try to use a No. 2 pencil to complete the application form in hard copy; and, if you are submitting it electronically save and even try to print a copy for your files and reference. It might be handy to you later on.

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