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College Scholarship Results 2

The true secrets are simple and basic, apply early, get everything you need beforehand, don’t wait until the very last minute. Source well, far, wide, deep and explore as many opportunities as you can, as soon as possible, and in a most detailed manner as possible. Always try to increase your odds. Make a selection from a large list of possible choices of scholarship opportunities and make a focused short-list of those matching your needs. Try to get the application packages and apply. Make copies and try to make sure you keep track of all the deadlines, responses and follow-ups.

Don’t forget, the first impression you get to make, whether in person or on paper is normally the best possible impression. MAKE SURE YOU MAKE IT COUNT AND LAST!

It doesn’t matter how many achievements or if you got the highest grade, if you stand out in the hearts, minds and selection of the committee it is what counts the most. Try to pick the most appropriate, relevant skills, strengths and qualities or criteria that they might be looking for and that you feel and deem are necessary to mention and present it as well as you can in a quality package that will sell and position you head-and-shoulders above all the rest. You will be assured a spot on the short-list at least! Once again, no promises, no claims, just self-reliance on the pieces and steps of the process you are responsible for and have good control over. The rest isn’t in your hands. All you can do afterwards is to patiently wait.

All your academic and extra-curricular records have some importance and meaning. Try to select the ones that are best suited for the grant you are applying for.

If it feels to you like it is taking an awfully long time and you ask for answers and results, always remember this process will go through various screening and selection rounds and hands. If you have confirmed that they have received your application and then you have heard nothing back over a long period of time, always feel free to pro-actively contact to find out if it has been awarded.

Some further valuable advice would be to never hesitate to ask for any help or assistance. This is always most normal! You should always openly question and ask for help if you ever need it. Don’t resolve to suffer in silence or procrastinate, postpone or avoid this application process because you feel overwhelmed, embarrassed or feel that you don’t know enough to proceed or where you can even start. Try to ask for positive letters of recommendation with confidence, the worst that can happen is for someone to say no or to write something mediocre that you can opt not to use in any case.

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