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College Scholarship Results

EXCELLENT Results – Obtaining Them, Focusing On What To Do And What NOT To Do!

Once all your paperwork is done and all the applications are in and the results start coming back, trying to keep track of all your feedback will be another priority. If you are selected or short-listed you will surely be notified in writing.

Some scholarships will require an interview from you. It is often referred to as a ‘scholarship or short-list interview’. It is a very important element in your scholarship application process.

This opportunity of a lifetime for you to present, sell and position yourself, will give you the chance to transmit certain things to the scholarship judges and selection committee, that cannot be conveyed through your written words on paper. Your scholarship application on its own can only take and bring you this far.

Now it will be up to you to engage, stimulate interest, convince and impress. Here you can now supplement any strengths, credentials and achievements, with a good first as well as lasting impression on yourself.

Try to avoid anxiety and make sure to just be yourself. Make sure that you are selected based on your potential, and achievements in terms of leadership qualities, etc.

It will be critical that all elements of your process are truthful and very accurate. Never feel the necessity to make things up as you keep going, sell half-truths or maybe even give feeble excuses for your GPA or SAT scores. These facts are always what they are. Telling lies about them, will certainly not help you in this process. Quite to the contrary, you could actually be jeopardizing your whole future as well as other prospects by lying on your application or withholding any key information.

Recommendation letters and scholarship requirements, selection and eligibility criteria are all good gages of what your chances are to land a certain amount of free money for college. Referral and networking, word of mouth championing and positioning has also been made use of to great avail in the past by a large number of successful applicants. Most of them when asked about the success, failure and or lessons learned as they went through the application process reveals that honesty, determination and confidence were the most important elements for them during this time on a personal level. Support from family, teachers and peers, some quiet time to think and time to write an efficient essay about themselves, as well as being organized and systematic in their scholarship searches all contributed to their successful outcomes and most brilliant results.

A keen eye for and lots of attention to detail, are other key elements you cannot afford to overlook. Confirm and verify, check if all the blanks have been filled in, the letter “i” dotted and all “t” s crossed!

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