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College Scholarship - Personal Section 3

Below are some further considerations and questions you might want to ask yourself as you begin your application process:

 Try to find out what the deadline for applications is, then make sure you get yours in at the right time.
 Try to make yourself familiar with the donor, the purpose and typical award details, as well as all the other relevant facts about the grant.
 Try to find out what the total value of the scholarship is and what does it cover?
 Is it full or partial scholarship, is it merit-based, a financial need or both? Are there any specialist selection criteria or any eligibility issues you need to consider?
 Does the application apply to entrance awards or continued study or both?
 Does the application process cover the whole duration of your study or only the first year?
 Which field of study is it most likely to be awarded in and for what reasons?
 Are there any minimum academic requirements of standing which are needed?
 What are all the selection criteria and the stipulations?
 Where should you find and submit the application form to?
 How soon will you hear of and will you receive confirmation of the receipt of your application?
 Contact details as well as a copy of the application form (hard copy or electronic submission).
 Any or other application details and/or supporting documentation, along with special requirements.
 If selected for the shortlist, will there be a need for an interview?

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