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College Scholarship Introduction & Layout

The following short diagram is a discussion tool that both introduces our topic and shows what this book is truly about. Throughout the pages of this guide, you will find out more about applying and receiving college scholarships. There will be advice and tricks on how you can best prepare, get organized, streamline, transact and execute, even persist and remain determined. We will focus on providing you with the BEST scholarship and financing options for your College Education. There is no time like now for you to get started on getting your scholarships secured. Your application process can start right here and now without any delay. Let’s get started!

The “S.C.O.O.P.I.N.G.” Method

1. S cholarships – what they are (philosophy, definition, types). Knowing what is at risk.

2. College – what is its use (which and where, value and cost for college education, how scholarships help and function). Financial options as well as strategies.

3. O ptimize educational funding and aid options, capitalize and leverage of your position and talents.

4. O ccupational and Overall help in order to give you a boost, and a helpful hand. How to get the best out of College scholarships applications, awards and rewards.

5. P ersonal – This part concerns you in person.

6. I nvestment in your future – where the real benefits and proposition of value is.

7. N egotiating – a process and skill-set that requires careful attention and mastery.

8. G REAT results – obtaining them, focusing on what to do and what shouldn’t be done!

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