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College Scholarships Tips 2

6. SHARE RELEVANT AND ACCURATE INFORMATION, LOGISTICAL AND PERSONAL INFORMATION WILL BE NEEDED AS A STANDARD PROCEDURE Some general questions such as name, address, social security number, date of birth, citizenship status and marital status are more commonly required on these forms, along with some financial information.

7. TRY TO GET THE FINANCIAL ASPECTS IN YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER All the necessary financial information must be submitted in a timely fashion, normally with evidence of the same. Examples would include total family income, number of children in your household, and number of children in college. You should be careful of round dollar amounts all the way to whole number values for ease and reference of use.

8. TRY TO MAKE YOURSELF UNIQUE AND STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD Provide relevant, key and unique facts, achievements, accomplishments and talents that you possess which might be required by the particular scholarship for which you are applying.

9. TAKE CARE IN THE DISPATCH OR DELIVERING, MAILING OF YOUR APPLICATIONS. Try to keep copies and files for all our applications as a back-up and handy for easy reference when the calls and acceptance letters, queries or interviews start coming in.

10. STICK TO IT! Try to be determined and persistent throughout this process, whilst remaining patient. It might seem like it takes forever until you get any news. Try to remember you are one of many applicants and individuals are sifting through you. So you must remember that the selection process does take time. It will all be worth it when you finally find out whether you got the scholarship and for how much the award actually is.

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