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College Scholarship - Personal Section 2

As stated earlier, there are several kinds of awards which are involved in these scholarship applications and rewards procedures. They are sometimes used interchangeably, and, as an application, you will need to know the differences, advantages and disadvantages and even confirm the details in writing upon your receipt of the documentation in order to make sure of what it exactly covers.

 We have learned that basically, a ‘scholarship’ is a form of financial aid towards academic studies, which is awarded on academic merit alone, or on academic merit combined with some other criteria.
 A bursary is an award of money towards fees which are based on financial need.
 A prize is a reward for academic merit. Continued study isn’t a condition.
 An athletic or talent award (art, music, dance, etc.) are monetary grants aimed to a student which are based on a sport or special talent.

There are also scholarships aimed for entrants, continued and/or returning students alike. Make sure that you know the difference and try to apply for the right types of grants. Further, try to get as much information as you possibly can and make sure that the accuracy of the spelling of the award name, and all details and fill out and send the application forms sooner rather than later, along with all the supporting documentation, essay included, recommendation letters as well as transcripts.

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