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Further, try to beware of an essay that is too long or that you haven’t authored yourself. Neither of these will serve your purposes very well. It will actually just as easily work against you and disqualify or discredit you. The financial aid office for students at the institution of your choice will have a vast array of information for you to dispose of.


Try to utilize all your resources in order to get the information, direction, guidelines and application packages that you would need in order to see this scholarship application and reward process through, from beginning to end.

Throughout this process all documentation and steps will need to be prepared and completed most carefully and meticulously in order to enable others to decide and choose.

From your application package, their criteria and processes, the selection committee or relevant individual(s) will try to determine if you qualify, if all is well in order, why you need the free money for college, whether the scholarship is right for you and whether you are right for the scholarship.

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